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Summer Camp Registration is Open

Don't miss another opportunity to develop your ball-hawking skills this summer, July 26-28, 2013 at Parkway Central High School, 369 N. Woods Mill Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017. Our specialized Pro-Style Defensive Back Football Academies focus solely on the one skill set that can be a game changer for Defensive Backs – Ball Skills.


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Coach Israel Byrd Returns to the Midwest from the NFL

Coach Israel Byrd coaching with the Dallas Cowboys Coach Israel Byrd coaching Dallas Cowboys Defensive Backs

After coaching in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, Coach Israel Byrd, former NFL Defensive Back and Collegiate Coach, has returned to the St. Louis metropolitan area to continue his mission of empowering athletes around the world with a greater knowledge of the game of football using his private football training programs, products, and services for amateur and professional athletes, coaches, parents, and other organizations. While traveling throughout the U.S. training the next generation of defensive backs and sharing his expertise with student-athletes and coaches through speaking engagements, Coach Byrd expanded his Pro-Style Training formula to allow athletes near and far access to his expert defensive back football training and instruction year round with online technology.

His Pro-Style Training system is designed to take a 21st Century approach to meeting the needs of athletes throughout the U.S. and abroad. This approach will help athletes expand their defensive back skill set and maximize their athletic and academic potential. "Today's fast paced society and technology give many athletes instant access to information and media. Well, I'm going to give them access to expert football training, information, and planning tools with inputs from collegiate and professional football contacts 24/7, using the online environments they use everyday!" says Coach Byrd.

So, join us online to begin your unique, personalized defensive back football training and become a part of a new generation of defensive backs on the precise path to college football and beyond. To learn more, read about our Pro-Style DB Schools.

New Pro-Style Football Training Programs Set to be Held Exclusively at Coach Byrd's Alma Mater - Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, MO

Coach Israel Byrd is excited about the upcoming collaboration with the Parkway School District and his high school alma mater, Parkway Central High School (Class of 1989), where he will continue holding his football training programs annually for years to come.

"Holding my football training programs here at Parkway Central has been my vision since the inaugural Israel Byrd Pro-Style DB Academy Camp in Summer 2009," says Coach Byrd. "We are so excited to continue this journey here in Chesterfield, Missouri where my athletic and coaching career took form, by giving athletes in the Midwest and around the nation the exposure and support they need to get on the precise path to college football and beyond."

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